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Why I Failed With My Lead System Pro :(

I Failed With My Lead System Pro 🙁

If you are online network marketer I am pretty sure you have come across My Lead System Pro.

My Lead System Pro

You may be wondering why a lot of people talking about this system and whether it is worth to give it a go.

I am writing this as an old and new member of MLSP.


I joined My Lead System Pro when they were called MLM Lead system Pro. I cannot remember the exact time by may be around 2009 the same time I came online. After using the system with little to no success for nearly a year I quit the system.


Why I failed with My Lead System Pro?

You see so many leaders come out as a result of following this very system I quit. This made me thinking, whose fault that I didn’t succeed?

Is it the terrible 3% rule?

Is it the system?

Is it the training?

Is it the leaders and founders of MLSP?

OR… Is it Poor old ME?

Well… after carefully evaluating I figured out that is ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Let me explain…

Is it the terrible 3% rule I failed with My Lead System Pro?

Yes, absolutely.


I was thinking and acting like the 97% people who fail. My mindset and the actions I took as a result were like that of 97% of the people in network marketing industry.

I came online due to huge debt trying to build my MLM Company at that time. I came online but was thinking in terms of offline lead generation. I muddled up everything and confused due to no fault of this MLM lead generation system MLSP.

Is it the fault of the System that I failed with My Lead System Pro?

Yes, because I didn’t take time to understand the system. This is a system that is built on the principles of attraction marketing. I failed to do that. I failed to practice what is taught in Magnetic Sponsoring, which is like the bible of attraction marketing.

Is it the training that I failed with MLSP?

Of course….

Look at the MLSP back office screenshots below – It was overwhelming besides I didn’t follow the rule of thumb the founders wanted me to follow.

My Lead System Pro Training Modules

MLSP Training Modules


The rules I didn’t follow:

  1. Don’t skip ahead to marketing strategies without completing the set-up and marketing boot camp
  2. Pick one marketing strategy first, the path of least resistance … until you get 5-10 leads a day from that strategy

Is it the leaders and founders of MLSP that I failed?


These kids are genius in what they do. So, what they do is test the latest and the greatest and introduce to the My Lead System Pro community.

They bring the industry leaders to train their members.

See the training library …

MLSP Training Library

Here again I forgot the rule of thumb and go like a headless chook and try every new thing they tell about without abiding to the basic rule.

Is it Poor old ME that I failed in MLM Lead System Pro (as they were called back in the day)?

Mmmm…. As much as I hate to admit Yes, of course, absolutely….

So, once I admit my fault I re-joined My Lead System Pro couple of months ago and sticking to the rules & the results I am getting is nothing short of amazing.

I choose my preferred strategy is content marketing namely Blogging.

I am learning and implementing what I learned about blogging. I have to mention my mentor Ray Higdon as I got awesome results from his course Pro Blog Academy.

If you are struggling with My Lead System Pro, I urge you to look in the mirror because more often than not you may be ignoring the basic fundamentals.

If you need any help with staying on tract with MLSP and become a failure as I was I am happy to help. Connect with me just by filling the form here.

Hope you got some value out of this, if so please share on G+ , Facebook and twitter.

What are your experiences with MLSP?

Love to hear from you, please share in the comment section below.


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