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Every Successful Business Got This Right

Let's face it… You start a business to become successful, Right?
What happens once you start you want to do everything. You don't want to get help, you want to learn everything under the sun and do ALL by yourself.
Does this ring a bell? It certainly does for me.
Anyway, long story short, if you want to succeed you will have to get help from other people, otherwise you will be WASTING a LOT of time and money.

You may say that you are a solo entrepreneur and don’t have or cannot see the necessity to have a team. If you are in that mindset you are wrong. For one thing you may not be the best person for all the tasks you have to do as a business owner. The other thing is if you want to have a wildly successful business you need few other people helping you. Obviously you don’t need a huge team like a corporation, but you need few people around you.
For example

  1. Virtual Assistant
  2. If you are technically challenged think about outsourcing the technical areas of your business
  3. If you are challenged with writing – outsource your article writing
  4. Tasks that takes up lot of your time – ex; web research, key word research
  5. Marketing help – ex; social media marketing, facebook marketing

Hope you get the idea. You will have to look at having a team at some stage of your business.
When you hire people you need to know what you are looking for really well before you make your selection. Don’t let your emotions get on the way because by doing that you are doing a dis-service to everyone.
Once you hire a person give them clear instructions to make their life easy. Ask them to clarify anything if they have any doubts. With the technology we are blessed with today, you can instantly communicate with them using instant messaging, skype, email, etc…
When you find a great team member, try to keep him or her because it will save both of you time and energy.

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If you are in any kind of Network Marketing or MLM business you will have a team of distributors/associates along with your personal assistants. In this case you need to have a team of down-line distributors who are duplicating what you are doing.

In this instance, in order to develop a strong team you will need

  • To walk the talk
  • A system they can follow easily to get them started and keep going http://onlinemlmprofitformula.com/
  • Available to them if they need one-on-one help – saying that you need to be careful here because there are people who will suck the life out of you. Have a system to qualify or choose people who you would invest your time
  • Don’t spoon feed them, but direct them
  • Recognize their achievements and give the credit where it is due
  • Don’t forget your success in Network Marketing is depends on your team’s success.

I hope you took this content to heart if you are trying to do everything. Please believe that time is money and when you have a expert team around, you can save a lot of time.


So, what are your thoughts on this? Have you ever used any help from others to build your business? What were your experience?

Love to hear your comments. Also, if you got some value our of this, please share with your team, friends and follower.



Yours in Teamwork

About the author: Sharing passion for personal growth, horticulture and environment

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