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Are Your Behaviors and Patterns Making You or Keeping You From Achieving Your Dreams?

Are you working hard but never achieved anything tangible yet?

Wonder how the others are achieving six and seven figures with the same informationyou are exposed to?

 If this sounds like you, I have good news for you.

You are not alone and you can change your situation if you want.Do this little exercise – do it NOW.
Write down the following:
  1. All the patterns and behaviors that ‘KEPT” you from successfully completing things in the past?
Make a list, write down everything & be honest with yourself.
Some of the patterns I can relate to are – not scheduling the tasks, not prioritizing, multi-tasking, allowing all sorts of distractions (digital and physical) , procrastination…

  1. What are the impacts of your patterns and behaviors had on your path to the income and lifestyle you deserve?
For example – living in the guilt zone, always failing, taking one step forward an three steps backwards, losing self-confidence, spending money instead of earning

  1. The “Success” patterns and behaviors you can adopt
Some of the success patterns that can be adopted by any business owner:
·      Schedule your day, weeks, months and years – yes, you need to go down to the year level if possible. I am not talking about schedule your daily activities for a year, but you need to pencil in the major things that happen in the year that will have an impact on your business and personal life. For example, if you have young children you need to know when the school holidays are, if you promote some company products when are their annual conventions going to be, major holidays … etc
·      Prioritize. – give first priority to activities that have life time value and so on
·      Work in blocks of times – use a timer. There is one online timer I use www.e.ggtimer.com
·      Make time for yourself
·      Make time to have some fun

  1. What impact will these new success patters and behaviors will have on your success and lifestyle

Now that you have completed the exercise, you will need to read it every day for at least next 10 days or until your new success patters and behaviors have become second nature to you.

I hope this exercise will help to develop the patterns and behaviors that are going to help you achieve the success and lifestyle you deserve.
What are your thoughts on this? Do you have something to add to this. Love to hear your feed back. 

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Yours in Successful Patterns and Behaviors
About the author: Sharing passion for personal growth, horticulture and environment

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