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21 Reasons You Want To Start a Blog

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If you are like most of the people online you may be on the fence about starting a blog. May be you have already started one but haven’t seen much results with it and kind of wondering whether it is worth the effort.

I am going to show you that there are multiple benefits from having your own blog. So if you are wondering whether it is worth the effort to start a blog, this post will help you clear some of your doubts.




First of all look at this screen shot I got from Hubspot.

Source: www.HubSpot.com

Source: www.HubSpot.com


According to their survey Hubspot found out that blogging helped businesses to increase their leads by a whopping 69% …

Quote from Hubspot – “If blogging is not yet a key factor in your marketing strategy, it may be time to clean out the closet and evaluate how your other marketing channels are helping you reach your marketing goals — or not. Whatever channel or strategy is performing the worst, commit to putting it aside for five months to give yourself some time to start a blog.”

Ok, here is the other

21 Reasons you want to start a blog

  1. You will be able to express yourself
  2. Share what you care about
  3. Improve your writing skills – Don’t take this lightly, I know you don’t have to be Shakespeare to write a blog post, but you will be able to go inside the head of your target audience easily when you blog consistently. The result of this is you will improve your sales letters, advertisement, email … etc
  4. Challenge your thinking
  5. Help you build links to your web site
  6. Cheap way to get online
  7. Easy to Optimize for search Engines
  8. Improve your credibility
  9. Demonstrate your authenticity
  10. Sure way to get laser targeted leads to your email list
  11. Your blog is your home base for content generation, place for your visitors to get know you and your business better.
  12. Makes your other marketing easier – ex; Social media marketing, email marketing, forum marketing … it is so easy to share your blog posts as valuable content
  13. Way to build a connection with your audience and other people in your niche
  14. Be motivated by your readers
  15. Opportunities to expand your brand visibility by way of guest blogging
  16. Your audience will view you as an authority in your niche
  17. You are acquiring valuable online real estate which is an asset to your business
  18. Unlike paid advertising, you don’t have the stress of checking your performance daily.
  19. You learn more about your product and opportunity & people like to associate with people who know their stuff.
  20. You’ll become a better researcher – This will help with all your other marketing
  21. Last but not least Get Leads, sell products and services.

I managed to put together this list as a result of learning from Ray Higdon of Pro Blog Academy  and  attending a webinar hosted by Michelle Shaeffer.

So, what do you think?

Are there any other reason/s you think is important about starting a blog?  Please mention them in the comment section below & if you found some value please share on G+, Facebook and twitter.



About the author: Sharing passion for personal growth, horticulture and environment

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