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Share Your Facebook Personalized URL Right Here On My Blog!

Yes, you read it right… I am inviting you to share your Facebook personalized URL with the community here.

I was prompted to do a video tutorial and then this post because one of my YouTube friends asked me, “How can I have a Facebook URL like yours?” – btw my Facebook URL http://www.facebook.com/damayanthi

Now, for those who have no idea what I am talking about:

If you notice your Facebook URL it will be something like – http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=9999999 which has no meaning whatsoever to us.

But, Facebook has given you the ability to create your own username and once you do that your facebook profile URL will look something like  http://www.Facebook.com/damayanthi

Why do you want to have a personalized URL?

  1. Easy to remember
  2. Look professional
  3. For Branding – Very important with your You Inc. Business model. If your name is already taken, I suggest you get something closer to your name. For ex; since I have my first name as my username on my personal Facebook profile, I couldn’t have the same name on my page. So, I got my Facebook page URL as – http://www.Facebook.com/damayanthij
  4. Can use with offline marketing – ex; with newspaper editorials, business cards.

How to set up a Facebook username?

At the time of writing this you can change your profile user name ONCE, but you cannot change the user name for your Pages. With regards to Facebook pages, you can get a page username if you have at least 25 people liking your page.

So, I invite you to share your personalized Facebook profile URL and Page URL (if you have one) with our community here. This will be a great opportunity for you to make connections with other like minded entrepreneurs, so go ahead and invite them to be your friend.

I am sure your friends would love to share their Facebook profile URL, so please share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Yours in Mastering Social Media

About the author: Sharing passion for personal growth, horticulture and environment

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