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Secrets to Successful Business Networking…

Successful Business Networking starts by forming great relationships. At one time or the other we all have attended networking events. Did you from some meaningful relationships at those events or were they a complete waste of time? Today I am going to share with you this valuable information I learned from Raven Starre and Jonathan Budd on successful business networking. The best part is that you can apply these principles whether you are at a formal networking function, your local networking events, BNI, home party, party at your place or someone else’s, Christmas party, Birthday party… well… this is limited to your imagination… AND… this day and age you can successfully integrate these business networking techniques to your social media networking. Ok, without further a do… here are the SECRETS to successful business networking DO’s…. 1. Set your intentions. – What are your intentions for attending this function? 2. Try to keep as happy & open emotional composure as possible, no matter what kind of day you've had, and remember to smile always. Be confident in your skin, keep your attention on other people so that you will not self conscious. Who would you want to associate with? Be that person! I want to network and build relationships with people who are positive, energetic, beaming, have open gestures.. How about you? 🙂 3. Pay attention to your hygiene. Check your breath, and yourself … be fresh 4. Try to feel the energy of the room and flow with the people rather than have an agenda. When you get into a conversation go with the flow of the conversation. If the other person or people you are talking to move their attention to something else, focus your attention to the same thing. 5. Approach every person as if they are the most famous god gifted person you have ever met. 6. Always be sincere, be curious and be interested. – Keep your focus on the other person and be sincerely interested on what they are saying. Also, be curious so that they will open up to have a great conversation with you. 7. Ask relevant questions. 8. Compliment others, and do things to uplift their energy. Don’t give compliments for the sake of giving, be sincere about it. This is another great way to get the people to open up and have a conversation with you. 9. Become a Fierce collector of business cards. – Just make sure that you do this in a professional way. Once you are given the card, show respect to it, don’t just chuck it in your purse or pocket. Read it in front of them, thank them for giving it to you, treat it as  a gift! 10. Have your own business cards and pen handy. 11. Give one sincere complement to every person you talk to. This is a great way to keep your attention on the other person and not you. 12. Stay totally focused on and present with, whoever you are talking to no matter what. This is a key point, do not get distracted by anything happening in the environment. Be 100% present with the person you are talking to. 13. Leave your conversation politely, and leave people feeling more energy, love, and power than you first came to the conversation. DO NOT’s… 1. Observe yourself; don't be pushy, demanding, or aggressive in any conversation. Don’t be emotional if there is a discussion about something that you are not particularly like. If you feel that you are getting emotional with the subject, leave the conversation politely. 2. Do not lie or exaggerate ever. 3. Never interrupt other people at all if possible. Give people space. 4. Do not look away when speaking to someone. 5. Don't be interrupted. 6. Don't sound like an Interrogator when asking questions 7. Don't talk bad about others. 8. Don't give a sales pitch as soon as you meet someone. 9. Don't be the main talker -give every one time to them. 10. Don't talk just to talk. If there is no connection politely excuse yourself and use that time to meet other people who you may connect with you better. 11. Don't get intoxicated with alcohol or anything else. 12. Don't go to an event tired or lethargic. (Don’t have heavy meals that drains your energy and keep you lethargic, preferably eat high energy foods.) 13. Don't masticate – (It is annoying chewing when communicating) 😉 Remember most of these principles are applicable to when you are networking in social media as well. Go out to your community, sincerely network with people and you will never run out of people for your warm market. Thank you so much for connecting with me on my blog post. What do you think? I’d love to hear any comments, questions, or feedback so please share with the community down below.  And also please make sure you ‘re-tweet’ this post using the button down below and send this out to your Twitter friends and followers (as well as Facebook, Digg, or any other social site you visit often!) Any person in Home Business need to hear this message and it’s much appreciated! Yours in Networking Damayanthi Jayasinghe

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