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One thing we cannot control is time! Most of us are so used to the phrase “I don’t have enough time” “Only if I had bit more time to ….. “ (fill in the blank) Unfortunately it passes so fast right in front of our eyes. But… You know what 24 hours a day is [...]

Blogging for Business… Why and What? post image

Blogging is the best way to connect with your targeted audiece. Read on to see how you can do this...

Ever Had ‘Fever of Unknown Origin’ (FUO)? post image

Fever of Unidentified origin can lasts upto 3 weeks and could be an indication of some other infection. This is my story & some resources that helped me.

Take Time Off to Increase Productivity post image

Do you take some time off every now and then or do you just work, eat, drink & sleep? Do you feel guilty when you take time off? Do you feel that you should be working instead of ……

Pomodoro Technique®  For Productivity post image

It is very difficult for me to stop what I am doing until I finish it. Unfortunately I couldn’t do that with my rehabilitation plan. I was blessed to find this technique and very grateful to Francesco Cirillo for creating this.