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Have You Started Making Waves With Your MLM Marketing Yet?

I want to share a little story or actually an observation I had while I was walking around my neighborhood. You see I live very close to the beach and it is only a 5minute walk to the marina and ferry terminal.

I go for a walk most days, and I wanted to share with you what I observed and how it is relating to MLM marketing.

Ok, here is the story, I was walking & I saw this Waiheke Island Ferry on its way. I looked at it and that was it. Then I was walking along for may be 5-10min or so then I saw all these waves hitting the beach.

Mmmm… you see at this point the ferry is not in my vicinity.

This made me thinking for the rest of my walk.

Isn’t this just like MLM marketing?

You learn a marketing method and start to take action. But you don’t see immediate result. Then you start to get frustrated, doubt yourself, you panic, and you think will this ever going to work?

Then most often another marketer comes along to teach something new, where he/she got zillion leads and hundreds of thousands of dollars with it.

You start to think… mmm.. what I am doing now is not working, may be I give this new ‘thing’ a shot.


So… same story there…

You will go in this never ending circle if you go on like that!

This is the recipe for “overwhelm”. I admit I’ve been there, done that. Not until I started concentratin on one methid I stared to see results!

The lesson I am going to convey is that you need to be PATIENT and take consistent action in order for any marketing to work. You need to allow time for your marketing to work.

Yes, some people get results sooner than others. There are so many factors affect that.

Ask yourself,

Am I focusing on this MLM marketing method 100%?

Am I getting help from others when I get stuck?

Have I got the course/program/system to help me move forward?

What is my mindset like?

Am I building relationships with others marketers/prospects?

And so on…

Finally, be patient and take massive action, then you will be amazed with amount and the intensity of the waves hitting your shore!

Oh… I also did this little video about this.

Here it is…

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About the author: Sharing passion for personal growth, horticulture and environment

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