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Discover 3 MOST Important Things You Need To Make a Sale…

Ever wondered how great marketers make selling look so easy?

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I know when I started with my network marketing business the person said, “ You don’t have to sell anything”

You know what? I believed him L

What was I thinking?

But, very soon I realized that,

You cannot earn an income without exchanging goods and services for a price. It is a value exchange…

Anyway, the point is what ever you do, you have to make sales if you want to be successful in any industry.

Now that we got that point clear let’s see what are the

3 Most important things you need to make a sale

1. Good Offer

First of all you need to know your product well. If you are a MLM / Network marketing distributor you may be selling your products and business opportunity.

In my opinion you need to separate these two elements in your offer. If you are selling the products, just do that.

When you are building a team sell them on your opportunity.

When you are making the offer have your audience in mind. Always ask the question how this product/service going to help your audience.

Always go for the benefits of your offer not the features.

No one cares about the features… they want to solve their problem.

So, always show how your product or service can help them achieve what they want. Eg: lose weight, spend more time with family, go fro their dream vacation…

You can give some testimonials to show others have achieved results. Before and after pictures, video testimonial, social media validations are great ways to achieve this.

If you are selling some affiliate product, I highly recommend you use it before you market. Also choose what you want to promote, don’t just promote everything willy-nilly.

2. Audience

Image Credit: www.sxc.hu

Yes… you have to put your offer in front of an audience.

The most important step before you start marketing is to understand WHO your target audience is.


This is crucial, because having an audience is one thing and having a target audience is another thing.




What you need to know before you start marketing…  <<– This post will help you be clear on your target audience

You see when you select your audience correctly they have the very problems that can be solved with your offer.

3. Follow-up

Ever heard the saying –

 CLICK HERE To Tweet this   ->>  “Fortune is in the Follow-up”

You need to follow up with your prospective buyers because some people will not take immediate decisions.

You can do this by phone or using emails.

If you are not very confident talking to prospects, you will have to consider investing in some training like Black Belt Recruiting.

*** Tell me  (in the comments section) what other things you consider important in making a sale?***

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