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How To Think Big? Excerpt From “The Magic Of Thinking Big”

I was looking to read something different this morning & pulled out a book from my library – The Magic of Thinking Big; randomly read through one chapter. What can I say? Other than that I wanted to share with you.

Author Mr. David J Schwartz discusses the phrases that create small, negative mind images versus those create big, positive mind images. Here they are…

1. I was once in that business and failed. Never again.

Instead, how about you say

I went broke, but it was my own fault. I’m going to try again.

Isn’t this so positive? You see that your success or failure has nothing to do anyone else but everything to do with you. Taking responsibility for your actions and inactions is the first step towards success.

 2. The market is saturated. Imagine 75% of the potential has already been sold. Better get out


Imagine, 25% of the market is still not sold. Count me in. This looks big!

You have to remember that it is a good thing to have competition. If there are so many people interested that means there is a lot of money to be made in that niche. So, don’t put off by the competition.

3. Five years is a long time to spend before I’ll get into the top ranks in your company. Count me out.


Five years is not really a long time. Just think it leaves me 30yrs to serve me at high level.

Some people want push button success and ways to get rich quick. What you need to look at is your long-term success in your business.

4. Let’s wait until a recession comes along, then buy stock


Let’s invest now. Bet on prosperity, not depression.

Always the time is “NOW” to take action, grab an opportunity…

 5. I am too old (young) for the job.


Being old (young) is a distinct advantage.

Age is one of the common excuses most people give when they are fearful of joining an opportunity.

6. Competition has all the advantage. How do you expect me to sell against them?


Competition is strong. There’s no denying that, but no one ever has all the advantages.

In your business if you are struggling to get leads, you will need to think outside the box and get some up-to-date marketing lessons.

There are many other examples Mr Schwartz given in his book, the point you need to get is that big thinkers are specialists in creating positive, forward-looking, optimistic pictures in their own mind and others.

Just think about what pictures you are going to create in your mind when you talk. It is a process; we are conditioned to look at things so negatively. So, it takes practice.

Finally… Go THINK BIG!

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