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How To Get Over The Writer’s Block?

When we start online marketing one thing that everyone tells is that the “content is King”.

What if our mind goes blank and nothing comes out. I believe that time to time we all suffer from the writer’s block at one time or the other.

I had this not so long ago, and I just couldn’t get anything done. I was kind of dwelling over it for insane amount of time and finally took courage to post a question on Facebook.

I received a number of really helpful tips from some of my friends on Facebook.

I made the following video and this post to thank them for taking the time to give their tips and to share with you what I learned from them.

Here are the links to the Facebook profiles of these friends:

Valerie Kitchen , Melanie Milletics, Cathy White, Pekka Hannonen, Bob Andolina, Johanna Brem

Please share any tips that you have, because that may help someone. We are all different and different techniques will work for different people.

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