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Ever Had ‘Fever of Unknown Origin’ (FUO)?

Ever Had ‘Fever of Unknown Origin’ (FUO)? post image

I didn’t get a chance to write for over 2 weeks because I was having fever for no reason.

I learned that this is also called Fever of Unknown Origin (FUO).

Sounds interesting… Isn’t it?

I didn’t have a flue, cold, cough, diarrhea, food poisoning… you name it nothing. Just fever and had to take 6-8 Panadol tablets a day.

Did all the tests…

Just my blood test showed that I have an infection…

Its a “no-brainer” I thought, but didn’t tell the Doctor.

She is nice and I like and trust her.

Anyway I did my own research online (as you do)  & found this great article  on AAFP (American Academy of Family Physician) web site.

Then I found this article on University of Maryland Medical Center which outlines the Natural Therapies, Herbs, Supplements etc… that is going to help you.

Wow… It said to do some stretching and exercises.

What did I do before reading this…

Lie on the bed as much as I could. I thought all I needed was REST.

Not so… by the looks of it.

I went for a 20min walk yesterday.

Today I feel a bit better… Looks like it is working 🙂

Also, I try to act normal so hopefully I will feel normal.

That’s what they say in Law of Attraction, isn’t it?

I will let you know if it (LOA) starts working for me.

Anyway… enough said about me.

How about you?

Ever had any silly sickness like this?

Love to hear how you got over it.

On another note, I believe MOST of my readers probably NEVER had any experience like this.

and I wish you never have one.

So, better question for you, tell me…

What have you been up-to in the last two weeks?

Tried to set any Guinness World Record?

I am just joking.

Lets get to reality.

In the last two weeks, did you…

Visited family?

Got married?

Had a Baby?

Celebrated your Birthday/Anniversary?

Went overseas?

Started a new Business?

Implemented a new lead generation method?

Started a Facebook Page?

May be something entirely different?

What ever it is, love to hear from you…

I bet it is going to be far more interesting than my story…

Love to hear from you…

Please leave in the comments section below.

btw. If you know anyone is having FUO please share this post because this may help them.



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{ 2 comments… add one }
  • Donna Merrill March 18, 2013, 6:14 pm

    Wow…fever for two weeks! When the doctors can’t figure it out (usually the case he he) I use my own remedies. Everything from herbs to acupuncture. And of course, eating foods that boost my immune system.

    It is terrible when you feel like that, especially when there is so much to be done. Staying in bed doesn’t work so well. Fresh air, moving your body in different positions and getting that blood flowing helps.

    When something like that happens to me, I run for my lemons and drink plenty of lemon water. Then fresh garlic (natural antibiotic) or Olive Leaf extract (another great antibiotic)

    I don’t like to take medicine, but rather take care of myself in an alternative way.

    Feel better,

    • Damayanthi March 20, 2013, 1:35 pm

      Hey Donna,
      Thanks for your tips. Yes, I do take garlic but never had Olive leaf extract. Will try out.

      Yes, you are right taking medicine usually make things complicated. I do love to go via natural therapy path, but you think Doctors will find something. Sadly it is not the case most of the time.


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