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Executing your 90day Plan

In my previous post I discussed about your business plan, specifically your 90 day plan. Today I want to talk about various challenges you will come across while executing your plan.

The trick is to “MOVE FORWARD”, no matter what.

If you say that you don’t have any challenges while carrying on with your plan, I doubt whether you are following the plan.

The most common challenge the home business owners face are distractions. For e.g. the kids, your house hold chores like cooking, washing and cleaning, visitors, personal phone calls, … etc the list goes on..

You definitely cannot stop these events, but you can certainly overcome them.

With regards to most of these distractions, it comes down to proper planning. Few of the tips I can give you here are:

If you are a work from home mum with school aged children, schedule your work day when kids are at school. You need to be realistic here because you cannot expect to get the same amount of work done like some one who are working from home full time & don’t have any children. If you expect the same result as someone who is not in your situation, you will get frustrated & overwhelmed.

Do not answer any personal calls while at work. Make it a rule & let the person at the other end of the phone know that you are working and most of the people will understand.

Educate your family and friends that you are running a business and working from home & if you are persistent they will respect your time.

Some of you may say but, “what about when one of the family members get un-well?” Yes, these things happen from time to time & you have to make your family wellness your priority. If you were executing your plan day in day out as planned, small interruption like kids being sick will not affect your results in a major way.

Make sure you plan time for your family & friends, recreation, exercise, hobbies, rest etc… otherwise you’ll start to dislike your home business.

In a nutshell, it all boils down to proper planning. Have a plan that is workable for your situation & do not compare yourself with others. Every single person is unique & each of us has our unique challenges.

So, what are your thoughts and comments on executing 90 day plan? Please leave your comments and suggestions & if you found this is of some value to you, please share this with your team and followers.

Yours in Executing Your Plan…

About the author: Sharing passion for personal growth, horticulture and environment

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