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One on One Coaching

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Package 1 – Perfect for someone who needs some guidance to going forward with your business. You may only need this 60-minute strategy session to get back on track.

Your Investment USD 49.00

Package 2 – This 4 week long one-on-one coaching package will help you design your marketing plan, decide on a marketing method (For example you can choose one from blogging, article marketing, forum marketing, Facebook, video marketing etc.) & working with you establish consistency with your chosen marketing method.

Your Investment – USD 197.00



Disclaimer: This is not a guarantee of your income or success. You may not earn anything. The strategies I share with you are based on my personal learning and experience and evidence from other people. I made reasonable effort to give accurate information but you have to use them at your own discretion and I will not assume any responsibility for any errors or omissions.

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