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I was looking to read something different this morning & pulled out a book from my library – The Magic of Thinking Big & randomly read through one chapter. What can I say? Other than that I wanted to share with you.

6 Ways to Make People LIKE YOU. This is another lesson I learned from Dale Carnigie book How to Win Friends and Influence People

What is Carnigie talking about here? He is talking about the necessity to bait the hook to suit the fish. “In summary only way to influence other people is to talk about what they want and show them how to get it.”

Do you know how to get anybody to do anything? There is only one way, it is give them what they want.
Some of the things most people want are health, food, shelter, sleep, sexual gratification, well-being of our children & feeling of importance.

The first lesson from How to Win Friends and Influence People book is the copywriting – Just look at the book title! Who wouldn’t want to know How to win friends and influence people?