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Are You Holding On To The things that don’t serve you?

Yesterday I was going shopping & while driving I am observing the bare trees along the road. Oh… in case you haven’t met me I am from Auckland in New Zealand. We are a country in the southern hemisphere & while my friends in the northern hemisphere enjoying there summer we are enjoying our winter hence, the reason for bare trees along the way.

Anyway, getting back to what I want to share with you… I was thinking what I learned back at school. Deciduous trees become dormant (like going into hibernation) during winter due to the shorter days and cooler temperature because it is more energy efficient for it to shut down the food manufacturing operation by the leaves during this time. So, they started shedding the leaves during autumn.

This is an excellent example of the way nature is “letting-go” of the things that doesn’t serve anymore. You see the trees do not hold on to those leaves, because if it did it will expend more energy than it could produce and they will end up dying.

As human beings we tend to hold on to things & beliefs that don’t serve us anymore. Just look at your wardrobe, kitchen cupboard, garage… etc, how many items do you have in there that you haven’t used for years?

Take a moment to think about the beliefs you have about health, fitness, money, business, relationships … that don’t serve you anymore.

What are some of the habits that don’t serve you anymore?

Holding on to things take up space and energy & it is on our best interest to let them go. When you do that, you will provide the space for new & useful items, beliefs and habits to enter your life, whether it is new cloths, relationships, business, beliefs or habits.

So, take some time to look at the things you are holding on to, take the lesson the nature has to offer you.

Take the next step… LET GO … do it consciously, just like the tree shedding the leaves.

Make space for new GROWTH…

Finally, have you ever done any exercise to let-go of the things that aren’t serving you anymore? Please share your thoughts and insights down below. Also if you got any value from this, please take a moment to share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Yours in Success



About the author: Sharing passion for personal growth, horticulture and environment

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  • Andrea Goodsaid June 1, 2011, 11:47 pm

    Oh yeah I have some ‘Spring’ cleaning to do in lots of areas of my life. Seems like it’s never ending. But then I come from a family that (historically) hoards stuff, so in that respect I’m not doing *too* badly – grin.

    It’s a talent to be able to get down on paper the thoughts that flit across our minds – good job 🙂


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