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Affiliate Marketing Tips for MLM Network Marketers


Affiliate marketing is the most talked about subject in online marketing. You can become an affiliate to most of the products sold online.

It is a win-win situation for the product owner / creator and to the marketer because as the owner you get access to a large number of clients and as the promoter/marketer of the product you get to earn an income without ever creating the product.

I am sure you have seen marketers make millions of dollars just by promoting affiliate products.







Let’s look at affiliate marketing for network marketers,

I am not sure about you, but a while ago when I purchased Magnetic Sponsoring book and told my up-line that we can sell it to make a sideline income whether people join our business or not, he didn’t think that was a good idea. I was told to just focus on my MLM business and sell products to get the cash flow and I agreed with him.

I can see where he was coming from. You see all these affiliate marketing were so new to everyone.

Anyway long story short, I believed him and went back to promoting my products. I put my blinkers on and just focused on building my MLM business without much success and struggled to keep it up without a proper marketing budget.

What I forgot was one of the golden rules in business. “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”

Your up-line may be teaching you to have more than one marketing method to market your product and services. But most probably they are not telling you to have more than one income stream. Do they?

Point of the story is if you are building a MLM Network marketing company you need to have cash flow coming in order for you to stay in business and for your marketing budget.

You have to be cautious here, because your main focus is building your business, therefore you have to find a way to build your affiliate income without distracting you from your main goal.

Let’s see some of the Dos and Don’t of Affiliate Marketing for MLM Distributors


  • Always promote high quality products you would personally consider purchasing. It is best if you could use them yourself because then you can recommend them to your team.
  • Take advantage of the training and tools you have access to as an affiliate. I find there are great tool that you can use with your MLM business. See the example screen shot below – One of my affiliate system back-office training.

My Lead System Pro Training Modules

  • Always check your affiliate link. If you are using email marketing  test the links on your emails.
  • Research various promotion methods.
  • Store your affiliate links in a place easily accessible to you.


Do Not

  • Spam – this is the quickest way to kill your list and relationships
  • Use negative advertising campaigns for your affiliate products.
  • Have to buy every single product you are promoting, but you have to trust the creator that they do not sell a crappy product.
  • Promote every single product you come across

Finally, my recommendation for you as a MLM distributor is to find a system that will help you promote all your affiliate products in one place.

What I use and recommend is My Lead System Pro because I can promote all of my affiliate products and my business in one place. The best part is all affiliate products and services are to help MLM Network Marketing niche so you are providing a service to your team by promoting them.

What can you add to the dos and don’ts of Affiliate marketing?


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