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About Damayanthi

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Hello and Welcome,

This is Damayanthi here.

In case you are wondering ‘how the hell am I going to pronounce this name?’ (I get this question all the time!) – you just pronounce the way it is spelt… Da-Ma-Yan-Thi

That’s it!

btw. I won’t get offended if you get it wrong.

Enough about that, I am not sure what bought you to this page but if you are overwhelmed and looking to breakthrough your online struggle you are in the right place.

I love helping home business owners to reduce online overwhelm, increase productivity, generate leads and cash flow for their businesses.



Let me share a little story on how I got into online marketing and home business

I was born and raised in Sri Lanka. I obtained my Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Colombo. Then, for a short period of time I was working at the University as a Botany tutor but soon left to join another government organization as an Environmental Officer.

I was so excited because I love nature and wild life. My excitement didn’t last long because I was bored to death without many projects to do. So, for some weird reason I started doing an accounting course with Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in London and qualified as a Management Accountant. This lead me to working in the accounting failed. To be honest I didn’t enjoy any of the jobs I did in the field of accounting even though I was good at it.

In February 1993, my husband and I with our two young boys migrated to New Zealand, then we had another addition to our family in 1996 making us parents of 3 beautiful boys. Here in Auckland I started working in the accounting field, because I didn’t search for any other opportunities.

My First Introduction To The Home Business World…

The company my husband worked for was going through a corporate downsizing and he was about to made redundant. We panicked and got on the internet to look for another job for him when I came across the “work from home” advertisement listed on a job site. I had a look & decided to get more information.

I joined that home business opportunity and discovered the entrepreneurial spirit inside of me and I knew that THIS was what I really wanted. I saw the possibility of getting out of the rat race, spending more time with my boys, helping them with home work, taking them to sports, no more 2 hour commute and corporate politics.

I immediately got into action and followed my upline’s instructions and got good results in the first couple of years. Then I realized that most of my team members were not prepared to talking to friends and family, prospecting in the malls, home parties, and cold calling leads. Basically my team wasn’t duplicating what I was doing and my business was going backwards. I was determined to make it work and increased my advertising and started buying business opportunity leads, only to realize that I was spending more money than I was earning. Even though I experienced many setbacks and failures, I believe they are all part of the process of growing into a much more powerful human being.

Discovering The Power of the Internet Marketing

After struggling for over 3 years, I decided to look for solutions because my upline certainly did not have the answers. I got on the internet and started my search and sure enough I found the solution. What I discovered was that there is an entirely new world in front of my eyes that I never even knew existed!! – The world of online marketing. I started getting real training and coaching from some of the best internet marketers in the home business industry.

My Role…

Now I see the enormous power of the social media, list building and learning marketing. I believe that my role now is to teach others who are looking to build their home business. Every second more and more people migrate to the internet, but yet there are millions of marketers who are yet to discover the true potential of the internet.

I want to help YOU make positive changes to your home business and your life. We are much more than we think we are.

Let’s Stay Connected…

Subscribe to this blog right here and stay tuned to my messages. I promise that you will learn so much about how to market online and you will grow as an entrepreneur and as a human being. I’m really looking forward to sharing my knowledge with you.

Yours in Success,


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  • Franka April 30, 2013, 5:46 am

    I dropped by from B-School after reading one of your comments online and I must say that I love your About page. It tells me a lot about your personality and why you are doing what you are doing now. Much success to you, Da-ma-yan-ti (love that!).


    • Damayanthi May 1, 2013, 4:08 pm

      Franka, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Look forward to connecting more with you 🙂


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